The purpose of this blog is to create an easy and fast form of communitcation for my classroom. On the blog you will find weekly updates in class assignments, events and changes. The blog will also provide links for extra work, assignments and/or information, I feel may be helpful.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Welcome to Mr. Pineda!!!!!

I would personally like to WELCOME Mr. Pineda to our Junior High Team. Mr. Pineda will be taking over all responsibilities as the Junior High Social Studies Teacher for the remainder of the year. This change comes as I leave to my new position with the school as Vice Principal.

Parents please keep an eye out for the weekly newsletter for contact and classroom information for the remainder of the year.

I would personally like to thank all the parents and students for making my time in Junior High a rewarding and memorable.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chapter 7 Take-Home Assessment (DUE FRIDAY 4/19/13)

Just a reminder 7th and 8th Grade both have a take-home assessment that is DUE tomorrow.
This assessment is an open-note assessment. All answers must be in complete sentences.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Discussion Question 16 (DUE Tuesday 4/9/13)

Should the US ban the sale of plastic water bottles? Why or Why not?

-Create a topic sentence by restating the question.
-Use complete sentences
-Length Requirements:
      7th: 15 sentences
      8th: 20 sentences

****** Student w/ modifications will need to meet the following length requirements*******

7th: 1 page (double-spaced)
8th:1 1/2 pages (double spaced)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Homework 4/4/13 (DUE 4/5/13) 7th and 8th

Both grade levels recieved a homework assignment that will be due tomorrow.

7th Grade: Causes of the Industrial Revolution (Only Question under Part A, not Part B)
8th Grade: Shays' Rebellion Primary Source Worksheet

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Discussion Question #15 DUE THURSDAY (7th and 8th)

"Should students spend more time in school? Why or why not?"

Each student must write a written response to this question. The following are the format requirements:

-Include Question

-Topic Sentence (Restate Sentence)
- Minimum Length:
7th (15 sentences)
8th (20 sentences)

*** Students with modifications have the following length requirements:
7th Grade: 1 1/2 pages
8th Grade: 2 pages

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Junior High Announcements/ Reminders

*Friday, March 29th: 7pm-9am(Saturday): JUNIOR HIGH  REWARD LOCK-IN

*Monday, April 1st: NO SCHOOL Spring Recess

*Tuesday, April 2nd: Vocabulary Quiz
                                      (7th and 8th Grade) Chapter 7
                                 Chapter 6 Retake Day
                                     ( @ lunch w/ original test signed by Parent/Guardian)
                                                   8th Grade Graduation Trip Information Night
                                                         @6pm in Mrs. Johnson's Room

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vocabulary Scramble (7th Grade DUE Thurs. 3/28 and 8th Grade DUE Fri. 3/29)

Directions: Students must take each vocabulary word and mix-up the letters to create a "scrambled" word. (Please highlight or underline the scrambled word). Then the student must provide a clue (definition or fact) about the word to help determine the scrambled word. Each word should be provided with a spot labeled as "Answer" for the original vocabulary word.

Example: Using the vocabulary word "capital"

1. laaptic 
clue: money or wealth
Answer: ______________

Extra Credit: Get a friend or family member to solve each scramble word and have them sign their name for EXTRA CREDIT.