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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

7th Grade Web Quest Directions

Enlightenment Webquest



As you have learned, the Enlightenment dramatically changed the way people lived, thought, were educated and perceived the world.  The three major areas of change were in the areas of politics, society and economics.  Through your study of Locke, Rousseau, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Wollstonecraft, Smith, Diderot and many others—you have discovered men and women’s varied thoughts on many matters.  In the following webquest, you will examine how Enlightenment thinkers affected politics, society and economics.



You will access many websites and answer a variety of questions during this block.  You will have to maneuver quickly and efficiently through the websites if you wish to finish on time.  You will record all of your answers in a word document and electronically submit your answers to aperez@hesglendale.org   Your work must be emailed by the next class meeting to receive full credit.  This is a 60 point assignment.  Five points will be taken off your total score each day it is not in my inbox.





Step 1. Define the Enlightenment (use definition #4).  Then, define the Enlightenment in your own words (or using words Ms. Perez or your classmates have been using for the last week).


Step 2. Define the terms: politics, society and economics. Then as in Step 1, define them in your own words to show understanding.


Step 3. Pre-test (of sorts): Given what you know about the Enlightenment and the definitions you found for politics, society and economics, record an answer of between 8 and 10 sentences attempting to answer the question: “How did Enlightenment thinkers affect politics, society and economics.”  Eight to 10 sentences will not be nearly enough to answer the question in detail, but this is your baseline for what you know (or think you know) at this point.  Comparing this answer to your final answer will show how much you’ve learned by the end of class.



Step 1. Politics and economics

Access this link. http://public.wsu.edu/~brians/hum_303/enlightenment.  Skim all sections if you like, but read the section titled, ‘The Political and Economic Background.”   Once you have read that passage, write one sentence summarizing what each paragraph stated.  This will call for a total of five (5) sentences.

And even though the passage does not specifically call out “society”, you learn quite a bit about society in the reading.



Step 2. Recall

Part 1: Recall two (2) Enlightenment thinkers that affected politics during the enlightenment.  If you get stuck, access any of the helpful resource links below.


Clearly state WHAT they thought and HOW it affected politics during or after the enlightenment (remember the Enlightenment in many ways caused the American and French Revolutions…this will help you)


Part 2: Recall two (2) Enlightenment thinkers that affected society during the enlightenment.  If you get stuck, access any of the helpful resource links below.


Clearly state WHAT the philosophe thought and HOW it affected society during or after the enlightenment (remember your definitions of society from the previous phase.  Society can deal with the relationship between citizens (men/women/girls/boys), have to do with religion, and other day to day operations of a community)


Part 3: Recall two (2) Enlightenment thinkers that affected the economy during the enlightenment.  If you get stuck, access any of the helpful resource links below.


Clearly state WHAT the physiocrat thought and HOW it affected economics during or after the enlightenment (remember what you have learned about taxation, economic control before and after the Enlightenment



Step 1. Answer the question

Considering all that you previously knew combined with what you have just learned answer the question: “Explain how the Enlightenment affected political, social and economic thought.”  You will answer this question in formal essay format. 

·         Introduction (with strong and clear thesis)

·         Three body paragraphs (it would make sense to write one for politics, one for society and one for economics)

·         Conclusion (proving your thesis and bring closure to the paper)


Your essay will be typed in 12 font Times New Roman, double spaced and will be between 1 and 2 pages.


This part of the webquest is due tomorrow at the beginning of class.  You may print it and hand it in, or you can email it to me.



Here are a list of ADDITIONAL websites that will be of use if you have any questions about any given topics or themes in this assignment.  Only access them if you get stuck, or feel as though you need a refresher on any of the information contained in this webquest.  Beware…don’t spend too much time here; you need to stay on task and finish the webquest!



Look here for quick hits on many of the Enlightenment thinkers we have already learned about.  Notice there are two pages of names and information.



Look here for in-depth information on Locke, Rousseau, Voltaire and Diderot.  Look at the left margin!





Look here for in-depth, college level outline notes from the University of Regina.






By the end of this webquest, students should be able to clearly explain numerous ways the Enlightenment affected politics, society and economics. 

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