The purpose of this blog is to create an easy and fast form of communitcation for my classroom. On the blog you will find weekly updates in class assignments, events and changes. The blog will also provide links for extra work, assignments and/or information, I feel may be helpful.

Discussion Board

The purpose of this page is to provide an outlet for students to logically discuss different issues, concepts, ideas and concerns created from current and historical events. Student will be allowed to comment on questions posed by the instructor and/or peers. The discussion board will be monitored and all arguments must be presented in an intellectual and appropriate manner as if the discussion was being held inside the classroom. 

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  1. for your famous quote of the day "life well spent is long" is it Leonardo Da vinci i really hope i get this right because right now i will do any thing to get that grade up it may be a mistake on that grade check but you never give up on making that grade better thank you please get back to me soon.... your student Kaylee Robertson