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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Paul Revere Commerical (Extra Credit)


1. Go to the following link and watch the short commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIPsYnUw7rI&playnext=1&list=PL3A31C28AB4727F75&feature=results_video

2. Answer the following question in the comment section of this post:
         -In the commercial it shows how the technology of cell phones could of changed Paul Revere's famous ride to warn colonist that British troops were invading.  What are some other changes that might of took place during the American Revolution, if cell phones were available during this time?

-Answer must be in complete sentences and a minimum of 5 sentences.


  1. In this commercial Paul Revere was able to notify the colonist of the british invasions sooner. If there was great technology during the Amrican revolution it would change the outcome. The war outcomes may not be the same because of a faster alert method of the invasons. Paul Revere had more time to strategize for the war than to have no time at all. Troops would be able to prepare weapons and have a better chance.

  2. In the commercial Paul Revere was able to alert that the British were coming. The colonists were able to get all the armer and weapons ready before the British could attack. As Mariah said yes there would be a big different outcome in the American Revolution. The colonists would also be able to send texts and alerts to others that a war is about to start as an example that the British are coming.

  3. If Paul Revere had a cell phone, he would have been able to warn his troops sooner than he did in reality. His troops would have had enough time to prepare and the battle wouldn't have been a surprise. Paul and his troops would have been guaranteed to win the battle. In reality, it took Paul a while to deliver the message, and his troops were not informed in time. The cell phone allowed him to inform his troops sooner which led them to a victory in battle because they had more time to prepare and they knew the British were coming to battle before they arrived.
    Jaelin Winston

  4. If there were cell phones, and Paul Revere warned his troops, the troops would had have a lot of time to prepare to fight.
    The troops would have time to pack up, and go. The troops would probably have won. The message would be delivered right away, and not latter. That would be my answer. Reontay Shoulders :)