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Thursday, January 24, 2013

7th Grade Vocabulary/Definitions (DUE MONDAY 1/28/13)

Chapter 5 Vocabulary (The Enlightenment and American Revolution)

Section 1: Philosophy in the Age of Reason (pg144-148)

1.    natural law-

2.    social contract-

3.    natural right-

4.    philosophe-

5.    physiocrat-

6.    laissez faire-

Section 2: Enlightenment Ideas Spread (pg 149-153)

7.    censorship-

8.    salon-

9.    enlightened despot-

10.                       baroque-

11.                       rococo-

Section 3: Britain at Mid-Century (pg 154- 157)

12.                      constitutional government-

13.                      cabinet-

14.                      Prime minister-

15.                      oligarchy-

Section 4: Birth of the American Republic (pg 158-161)

16.                      popular sovereignty-

17.                      loyalist-

18.                      federal republic-

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