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Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekend Homework

There will be two things that students should be working on this weekend they are as follows:

1. 3x5 Vocabulary Cheat Sheet/Study Vocab- There will be a vocabulary quiz on MONDAY 10-22-12. Students will be able to use a 3x5 index card to place any information they will like to help them on the quiz.

2. Discussion Question #5-  DUE TUESDAY 10-23/12  Student must answer the following discussion question. Responses must be at least 1-page doubled spaced. Students must have the question written on their response (this does not count as part of their 1-page response)

Question # 5- What is the importance of Bully/Drug Awareness Week? How can the dominant "norm" of your society be a cause of bullying/drug use? How can it be a solution?

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