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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday, August 23,2011

Homework Change

The following changes were made to this evenings homework assignments.

 No Math Homework: due to the shortened schedule, there will be no math homework today.
 Social Studies Homework: Instead of the "Find Me" Worksheet, students were assigned to create a map of the home. The map should include the following things:
               1. Compass Ross
               2. A map illustrating the front yard, home and backyard.
               3. A map key

Additional Assignment/Classroom Behavior: in addition to the map of their home, I have assigned the students to write an apology letter. Today, the class had a guest teacher and as a whole were off-task, talking out of turn and not following direction while I was away from class. This disrespectful behavior is something that I can not accept or tolerate.

Over the last week, the class has been struggling with disrespectful behavior towards each other and myself. This includes talking out of turn, shouting out, not following directions and excessive talking in line. As a result, I have taken away the afternoon recess as a consequence for this behavior. Now I understand that not all students are participating in this behavior but those who are, largely out number the others.

 Therefore, I would like students to work as a class to earn their recess back. If the behavior continues, those individuals who are doing what they are suppose to will be rewarded. Those who are not, will face further consequences.

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