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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chapter Vocabulary (Due Wednesday 2/27/13)

The following are a list of vocabulary words by grade level. Each student is responsible for writing down the definition for each key word, person or phrase. (8th Grade must also include a sentence.)

7th Grade (End of Chapter 6)
1. Napoleon Bonaparte
2. plebiscite
3. Napoleonic Code
4. annexed
5. blockade
6. Nationalism
7. guerrilla warfare
8. abdicated
9. Battle of Waterloo
10. legitimacy

8th Grade (Chapter 6)
1. Thomas Paine
2. Richard Henry Lee
3. resolution
4. preamble
5. grievance
6. Nathan Hale
7. mercenary
8. alliance
9. cavalry
10. enlist
11. continental
12. John Paul Jones
13. privateer
14. Charles Cornwallis
15. guerrilla
16. Francis Marion
17. Nathanael Greene
18. traitor

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