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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Unit Assessment/ Writing Assignment (Due Monday 2/11/13)

Impact of the Enlightenment Writing Assignment/Assessment


DUE on MONDAY 2/11/13


Now it is time to apply what you have learned.  In essay form, you are going to respond to the following:


Explain how enlightenment thinking affected political and social thought.


Your essay will be graded on the following criteria:

  • Clear and effective Introduction                                                                 10pts
  • Supported statements about political and social effects                              30pts
  • Clear and effective Conclusion                                                                   10pts
  • Two pages, single-spaced (8th Grade);One pages, single-spaced (7th)           10pts 
  • Writing Process (Organizer, Rough Draft, Final Copy)                 40pts  
                                                                     Total: 100pts                                 

Use the following essay outline to organize your thoughts:

Introduction: What is the goal of the paper?

Political Effects:
·         How did Enlightenment thinkers change the way people viewed the gov’t?
·         How did they say gov’t should be ran?
Social Effects:
  • How did Enlightenment thinkers change the way people answer the question “why?”
  • How did they change the way people viewed human nature?

Conclusion:  Restate and wrap-up


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