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Monday, February 4, 2013

Facebook Page (Philosophers) Reminder DUE Tuesday 2/5/13

Just a friendly reminder that students should of completed their "Facebook" page for the Philosopher of their choice that they spend last week in class researching and collecting information. Their page must be completed on a poster board and ready to present on Tuesday, 2/5/13. Student have received the requirements for the poster on Friday. However, they are also listed below.  

Objective: You will create a fake Facebook page for a historical figure. You will do this on paper, not a real webpage. To get started, you need to:
  • Research the life and achievements of the individual you have chosen or have been assigned.
  • Create a profile for your historical figure.  Profile information you must include:
    • Relationship Status
    • Hometown/Current town
    • DOB/DOD
    • Religious/Political views
    • A short list of the historical figure’s friends (minimum o f 6)
    • Looking for (hint: could be ANYTHING related to the goals your figure had…Looking for equal protection under the law, Looking for capital to produce more goods, Looking for buyers for __________ (his product).)
    • Personal information (hint: activities, interests, favorite quotes, about me, education and work, etc.)
  • As you research, pull out a short quote or isolate an important moment during the era we are studying that can be easily made as a status update. You need at least five status updates that go in chronological order with your figure’s life during the era of study. The purpose of the status updates is to inform your “friends” about what exactly your figure is doing/feeling/experiencing at different points in history.
  • Be creative and have fun! I will award bonus points for “extras” on your pages such as the following Facebook Applications:
    • Fan pages
    • Emails from your character to another. This would be used for private messages.
    • A game such as Farmville or Mafia Wars (but you must make up your own game that would be appropriate for the time period)
    • Links to articles that relate to the general themes of the topic we’re studying.
    • Friend suggestions
  • Please understand that you are not creating a real Facebook page on the internet. I have no way of accessing the website from school. You may do this assignment by cutting out and gluing the icons below, or electronically by cutting and pasting the icons from your facebook page.  If you have the ability to do this by other means, please feel free!
You may use the following icons, depending on your update:
Poke (this is used to say “hello” or jab at another user)
Become a fan
Become a friend
 Delete a friend
 Like (other historical figures can like or dislike your updates)
No longer online (this can be used if your person goes to jail, is involved in an important meeting, passes away, etc.)
 Add event
Make a comment about someone else’s post
Others may be used as long as they are legitimate facebook icons.

  • You also need to create avatars for your character. This can be done using actual photos of your historical figure or you may draw or find images on your own. If you do this, please stick with the same photo each time.
    Character Profile (20 pts)
_           Avatar – 5 pts
_           Relationship status -3 pts
_           Hometown/Current town – 3 pts
_           Religious/Political Views – 3 pts   
_           Looking for – 3 pts
_           Personal Information – 3 pts
     __ 5 Status Updates (5 pts each)
_           Must be historically accurate and in chronological order
_           Must be topical to what we’re currently studying


   Bonus Points for “Extras”- points are to be determined by teacher

TOTAL POINTS: _____________

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